Our History

  • 2018

    Cluster Sputter SW development

    OLED Multi - Cluster Inline Deposition facility SW development

    Pathways in Education oriented Convergent Technology Company

    Selection of pathways Work & Education

    Selected promising small businesses

    Selection of Young-Aged Friendly Businesses


  • 2017

    SK Hynix CMP(LK) SW cooperation development

    SDC Cell Aging, Cell Sorter SW development

  • 2016

    Inno -Biz Authentication

    Patent acquisition "Rivets Fasteners devices and methods"


  • 2015

    SK Hynix Registration, SW cooperation development

    Establishment of Tianjin Corporation in China

    Chiness Tianjin Samsung SDI Registration

    Chiness Tianjin Samsung Electric Registration

    Chiness Tianjin INZI Registration

  • 2013

    Patent acquisition "Boarding devicesand methods"

    Software business registration

    Establishment of a Corporate Extension Research Center


  • 2012

    A certified ISO 9001, ISO 1400

  • 2011

    Expanded the business of SEMI, LCD

    System Dept


  • 2010

    Established SOLUDUS